Austral Stones

Austral Stones selects the highest quality semi-precious stones found in the southern hemisphere of the world, including but not limited: Lapis Lazuli from Chile; Rhodochrosite from Argentina; Malachite, Opal and Pearls from Australia. 

That's where "Austral Stones'' comes from. The jewellers create real works of art from them, combining 18K Gold, 950 Silver and original designs with Copper. Their Art Deco collection includes handmade pictures, masks, jars with aboriginal designs or typical landscapes and fauna from Australia. Each piece is unique and thoroughly crafted by talented artists from Santiago, Chile. 

Come visit Austral Stones at Harbourside Shopping Centre in Darling Harbour.

Austral Stones Trading Hours
Note: Hours are subject to change without notice during Covid-19 restrictions
10:00AM - 4:00PM
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