Flight Experience - Bookings Only.

Flight Experience is Australia’s premium flight simulator experience. Learn how to operate a Boeing 737 commercial aircraft in a full-scale, fully certified flight simulator. Or try your hand at operating the most immersive Virtual Reality flight simulators in the country on our custom military style flight platforms*. Their 737 simulators are the only ones openly available to the public which are also heavily used for real-world commercial training with real-life pilots.

All of the instructors are commercially qualified pilots who are trained to give you the greatest experience possible. Choose from over 24,000 airports and endless scenarios. It's also a great opportunity to ask your instructor anything you have ever wanted to know about aviation and flying.

This unique experience makes a memorable gift for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

Flight Experience Trading Hours
Note: Hours are subject to change without notice during Covid-19 restrictions
11.00AM - 7.30PM
10.30AM - 8.00PM
Flight Experience - Stores I Harbourside Shopping Centre