Tourist Refund Scheme


The Tourism Refund Scheme (TRS) allows overseas visitors to claim a refund of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). As an overseas visitor, you can claim back 10% GST on specific purchases in Australia.


To claim a refund you must: 

* Spend $300 (inc. GST) or more in the one store and retain their invoices.

* Have purchased the goods no more than 60 days before departing Australia.

* Wear or carry the goods on board the aircraft or ship*.

Claim your tax refund: 

Present the goods, original tax invoice, passport and international boarding pass to a Customs or Border Protection Officer at a TRS facility. Unless aviation security measures, in regard to liquids, aerosols and gels prevent travellers from doing so.

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作为海外游客,可对在澳大利亚购买的特定商品申请返还 10%的 GST 税款。
在一家店消费 300澳元(含 GST)或以上,并持有发票。
购物时间在离开澳大利亚前 60 天以内


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