Your Local Legend, Pejman

Get to know Pejman, the franchisee of Rashays in Harbourside. He has continued to operate and serve our local community all throughout the pandemic and now we want to shine the spotlight on him!


What do you love the most about your job and business?

Meeting new people and regular customers. I love to host people of all ages enjoying their time at our restaurant on a day out with their family. 


How do you stay connected with you customers during lockdown?

We stay connected with our customers through Rashays social media channels. Also, we have kept the restaurant open regardless of the high running cost to be able to serve our regulars and put a smile on their face.


How has COVID and lockdown changed your business in the long term?

Customers can now order straight from us at for pick up or delivery!


What message would you send to other businesses struggling to navigate the complexity of lockdowns?

We've all changed during lockdown, businesses, customers and our wider community. Businesses must adapt with this change. In my opinion, successful businesses are the ones that study their customers change of habits to reflect to their business model. 


What is the first thing you will do when lockdown ends?



What have you been watching throughout lockdown?

The 11am press conference of course!


How can customers support your business?

During this tough time, we appreciate locals in surrounding suburbs taking photos of their orders and sharing them on social media. We also appreciate Sydneysiders planning a day with their family out at Darling Harbour after lockdown to support all the businesses around to bring the vibe back to this vicinity


What are you grateful for during these challenging times?

It keeps the energy of our team up to see our regular Pyrmont locals and surrounding suburbs customers come down to Rashays to support us. 


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The slow cooked smoky BBQ Rashays Beef Ribs!


What is your favourite snack or cocktail to make during lockdown? Can you share the recipe?

Berry Watermelon Mojito

Blend 150g fresh watermelon, 30ml strawberry syrup, 60ml Bacardi. Enjoy with ice!


Is there something about your store which may be a surprise?

$2 Coffee!!


Support the Rashays Harbourside team by ordering takeaway or delivery via, Ubereats or Deliveroo. 

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